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Want to lose fat, gain muscle,
get your energy back & feel amazing?  

Our Small Group Outdoor training delivers all of these benefits in addition to many, many more.

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Is our Small Group Outdoor Training right for you? 

If you are living in St Ives or surrounding suburbs (e.g. St Ives Chase, Pymble, Gordon, North Turramurra, Turramurra, East Killara)
and are looking for:  

Guaranteed Results
A Group and Trainer who will help you finally achieve fitness results, guaranteed.

High Standards & Variety
The highest quality Group Outdoor Training in the Northern Suburbs, with variety built-in. Train in a disciplined training environment, starting early with like-minded people.  

First Hand Experience
A Coach who has featured on the cover of Australian Men's Fitness Magazine
(i.e. first hand experience with health transformation)  

Get points / paid $
when you train with us.
Earn 1 Emerald Reward Point = $1 back for each Small Group Outdoor Training Session you attend 

I can relate to the difficulties of both poor health & in making positive health changes 

For many years I was overweight (even more than in this before photo) and struggling through most days feeling tired, sluggish and exhausted, thanks to a combination of poor work and lifestyle choices. 

I'd tried many types of workouts, diets and fitness sessions over many years, yet with mostly very little results to show for it which was frustrating. 

Which left me wondering "what was I doing wrong?"

Fortunately, a few years ago a friend introduced me to two of the World's Best Transformation Coaches, who continue to train and mentor me. 

Through Small Group Outdoor Training, great coaching, ongoing advice and support, and taking part in a health transformation challenge in 2017, I learnt how to make the right adjustments, including where to put in the work to get results, which lead to me being featured on the cover of Australian Men's Fitness Magazine in Sept 2017. 

Being trained and mentored by two of the best in the fitness industry, and experiencing the daily benefits of my own fitness transformation, has inspired me to want share with others and help them achieve and experience their own amazing fitness results. 

Let me help YOU get results 

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