We'll get you guaranteed results that last !

If you're not completely satisfied with your results with us, we'll refund you 100% 

We follow a simple yet highly effective framework

We focus on working with you to personalise 3 key areas that are proven to deliver you results: 1) Mindset, 2) Actions, and 3) Recovery: 

All Fitness programs focus on the Actions (i.e. what Exercises to do, and sometimes also what to Eat) in search of the Results, however whilst these are important, many miss the most important factor: Mindset

Being in the right Mindset and understanding the key principles - especially when your motivation inevitably wanes - ensures the right Actions are taken regularly: including how you exercise with the correct technique (through our designed Small Group Training programs), what you eat or drink, the environment you create around you, and that Recovery is prioritised, which in turn leads to amazing Results

As an Emerald Fitness Client you will receive information and support on how to cultivate the right Mindset, and how to sustain it (including developing simple but meaningful rules of thumb), in addition to scientifically-proven Actions (Workouts, Nutrition and Recovery), AND support for you every step of the way.

Your Results will then speak for themselves. 

How are we confident that we can guarantee you results?

A way to think about achieving the peak of health results, is similar, in some ways, to raising a hot air balloon off the ground.

What you might have tried before
Many of us work hard, trying to lift our balloon off the ground and to new heights by applying a tremendous amount of gas - e.g. via grueling workouts, extreme (often unsafe) dietary interventions, trying to shift the balloon (our health and fitness) upward. 

The Result
Often the results don't come quickly or at all and therefore the program is abandoned, then onto a different program or approach, only to find similar results again. 

What's Causing This? 
Often what can be occurring is one of 3 key things: 

The reality is, many fitness programs and approaches 'can' in theory work if performed correctly, it's just a question of will it work and is it appropriate for you?   

The Solution - so how do we solve this and guarantee results?

We provide you purposely designed Small Group Training that gets you guaranteed fitness results. We do this by also working with you to identify and address the causes of results failure, such as: 

Consistency is also a major factor, which our methods of training and community help with via create an environment of support and accountability, in addition to us providing you reward points for consistency, to keep your progress flowing, your results continually rising!        

Of all styles of exercise worldwide, why do we specialise in
Small Group Training?

Here's why Small Group Training is one of the very best forms of exercise you can do:

1) Small Group -  The group is intentionally small (capped at 16) so that everyone gets the right amount of tailoring, attention, and personal assistance. Training with others also helps with accountability, consistency, motivation, responsibility and humour. 
2) Training - Each workout is thoughtfully pre-designed, structured, organised, tailored and delivered by a trained and qualified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach. Observations and learnings from how clients are performing in each training session in addition to client feedback, is used to improve and increase the value of each training session. You also earn Emerald Fitness Points (paid in cash or gifts) as an added incentive to train at times when motivation dips, and well, because getting cash back is always good.       

We follow tried and tested rules for training 

Our 10 Key Group Fitness Rules for your success:  

1) We train purposefully. Each session is designed to achieve fat loss, muscle development and fitness, and is adjusted for fitness level and any previous injuries.  
2) We train early. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am.   
3) We use time wisely. We arrive on time and get in and out within an hour.    
4) We focus on form. Good technique makes a huge difference in both results and safety.
5) We seek daily challenge / discomfort. In small, manageable increments.
6) We train no matter the weather. We're located indoors to remove weather from the equation
7) We do what we say we're going to do. Integrity and responsibility is important.
8) We're consistent. We know that results come from action rather than avoidance.
9) We stay humble. We respect our training environment and those around us
10) We support each other.  We welcome new members and provide each other with positive encouragement.    

If we don't offer the right solution for you, we'll help you to find it

In our initial assessment, we'll run through some questions and use a common evaluation method to understand your unique circumstances, including understanding what worked well and what didn't work well for you in the past and why, so that we're setting you up for success & providing the right advice to help you get results.

The outcome of this assessment will be providing you with specialised advice on what Fitness solutions might work best for you (even if we don't provide that solution), so that you get the very best fitness advice and outcomes for you

If you're not completely satisfied with your results with us, we'll refund you 100% 

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