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G'day, I'm Dools

From a Health & Fitness perspective, I've tried many different approaches over the last 30 years. Most of those years were putting in a seemingly high amount of effort for little returns.  

Things changed drastically however when I was fortunate enough to train with, and be coached, by two of the World's leading Rapid Transformation Coaches over the last 7+ years.  

Not only did this help me to understand what's important in achieving results, but also helped me achieve my own health transformation (including featuring on the cover of Australian Men's Fitness Magazine).

Having experienced a multitude of health and lifestyle benefits, inspired me to become a Fitness Coach in order to pass on the many benefits to others.             

Professionally, I'm a Qualified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and worked in Technology for 25+ years for large blue-chip companies. My professional career has help me understand efficient & effective systems, having started with a job at McDonald's in the early 90's (a great example of systems and efficiency, albeit not the healthiest products).   

These many years of personal and professional experience (including studying giants in the industry) have helped me to apply the very best practices to how Emerald Fitness Small Group Training is designed for members. 

I enjoy the process of designing and delivering more and more effective programming for members, helping members doing more of what works with less effort, in order to deliver members consistently excellent fitness results that will make them feel absolutely amazing again

Dools (Patrick Dooley)
Emerald Fitness Owner &
Small Group Training Coach

My Qualifications (in Health & Fitness):

My Capabilities:
Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Coach, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Success Manager / Problem Solver, St John First Aid Certified   

My Objectives & Passion:
I want to help you achieve and sustain fantastic health and fitness results, that will empower you, enrich your life and of those around you, through methods backed by science and real world results. Everyone wins when we all have optimum health. 

My Values
Training & Programming Effectiveness, Delivering Greater Benefit than Cost, Positive Customer Experiences, Discipline, Integrity, Collaboration. 

If you have any questions, here's how to get in touch...

Dools (Patrick Dooley)
Owner & Group Fitness Coach 

Postal Address:
Parcel Locker 10076 06185
Shop 135,  166 Mona Vale Road
St Ives NSW 2075

0413 111 376


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